Asphalt Comprehensive Training (ACT) Program


The APAI is proud to announce the formation of the inaugural class of the Asphalt Comprehensive Training (ACT) Program. The ACT Program has been created in cooperation with APAI contractors, asphalt suppliers and associate members to provide a unique introduction for individuals new to Iowa’s asphalt industry. The program will provide valuable insights into all aspects of the asphalt industry including: asphalt refining, aggregate production, association membership, equipment manufacturing and purchasing, as well as, asphalt plant and laydown operations. Program members will be mentored throughout the learning process by respected leaders in Iowa’s asphalt industry and will be provided opportunities to forge new relationships among their peers. ACT program participants will be asked to host an event during the APAI Summer Meeting and will be required to present 30 minutes on a topic of the group’s choice at the 2019 APAI Annual Convention. Click here to find out the rest of the details.

ACT Class of 2017


APAI Scholarship Applications

APAI Scholarship Applications will be accepted until March 1, 2023.  For a copy of the Application, click here.  Applicants attending four year institutions who are presently sophomores or juniors are eligible to apply for the next academic year.  Applicants also need to have a knowledge of asphalt material and construction prior to applying.

When sending the e-mail to APAI, be sure to have your subject line as:  Your school (i.e., U of I, ISU, UNI or DMACC) - Your name .


2018 - 2019 Scholarship Recipients


Asphalt Materials and Pavements Program Internship Applications


This Internship Program Guide provides a brief description of the Asphalt Materials and Pavements Program (AMPP). The important role that summer internships play in this program is discussed, as well as highlighting the value of internships to both employers and students. The topics presented in this document are intended to help both students and employers identify important points for creating a successful internship experience.

Asphalt Materials & Pavements Program Overview

AMPP is a partnership between academia, the asphalt paving industry and state and local transportation agencies. The program will be the leading state and regional asphalt materials and pavements educator, research provider and technology transfer program to the asphalt industry, including local, state, and federal agencies, material suppliers, contractors and consultants. The program focus is on scholarship, research, education and training creating improved knowledge leading to improved quality, performance, economical, and sustainable asphalt materials and pavements.

Internship Description

An internship, as described in this document, is a paid work position intended for college students during the summer months. An internship is distinguished from a cooperative education (or co-op) position primarily by the length of employment. An internship position is typically only for the summer months while a co-op position usually includes working for a combined summer and a semester. A student usually receives some academic credit for a co-op position. The AMPP encourages students to participate in both summer internships and co-op positions. All of the points identified in this document for creating successful internships also apply for co-op programs.  To read the rest of the guide for the interns program, click here.

Click here for the application for the AMP Internship Program.

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